Service Clubs

Kinette Club of Shellbrook
This organization has been active for many years in Shellbrook. The Kinsmen and Kinette clubs are responsible for the Pool building that houses the change rooms and office for the town swimming pool.

The Kinettes are involved in many annual projects such as Cookie Walk, Apple Drive, Babysitters Course, Heritage Tea, Movie Night, and Telemiracle Fundraising. The group is made up of women who are dedicated to seeing our community be the place we want to raise our families in. The Kinette Club meets the 3rd Wednesday of every month. We would love to see new people join our club. For more information, please phone 747-2944

Kinsmen Club of Shellbrook
The Kinsmen have been involved in many town projects over the years. They are dedicated, hard working and always willing to lend a hand. In recent years they have been involved in the new pool office/shower house building, playground equipmentat Kinsmen Park, and the maintenance and renovation of the Legion Hall. Further inquiries can be forwarded to Woodland Pharmacy. The Kinsmen meet, in the basement of the Legion Hall, the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of every month. For more information contact 747-3917

Royal Purple
The Royal Purple meet every second Thursday at 8 PM at the Shellbrook Community Hall except for the months of July and August. The Royal Purple is involved heavily with charitable work and donates to the New Hospital Fund and many other charitable causes. On a nationallevel they are involved with the Elks and Royal Purple Funds for Children. The Royal Purple is always looking for new members to join with November 11th being their most active day as they remember the veterans by being involved in ceremonies within the community along with the Shellbrook and Wild Rose Schools. For more information please contact 747-2250 or 747-2460

Legion Ladies Auxiliary
The Legion Ladies Auxiliary meets every 4th Tuesday at 7 pm at the Legion Hall along with the Royal Canadian Legion. The Legion Ladies take part in many fundraising events such as Soup and Sandwiches and birthday parties at the Parkland Terrace. The Legion Ladies Aux. members are very active and take part in Curling and Golf events with other Auxiliaries and Legion Members. November 11th is also a very busy day for the Legion Ladies along with the Royal Canadian Legion as they arepart of the ceremonies associated with the Remember our Veterans. More information can be found at 747-2483.


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